Caiman Lodge – Animals 動物篇

Caiman LodgeCuyabeno眾多為遊客和科學家提供住宿的地點之一,有數間茅屋及基本設施。我們在這裡停留43夜,主要在附近的河流考察。到達房間後,我發現足不出戶已經可以「考察」。

Caiman Lodge is one of the places that provide accommodation for tourists and scientists in Cuyabeno. It has a few cottages and basic facilities. We stayed here for 4 days, mainly doing observations on rivers. After entering the room, I realized I could observe animals even without going outdoor.

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出航!Cuyabeno (Set sail for Cuyabeno!)


It’s not easy to penetrate deep into the forest. It took us 2 flights, 24hr in total, to get to Quito from the other end of the earth. Then an inland flight to Coca, and 4hr shuttle bus to the area of Cuyabeno. Continue reading “出航!Cuyabeno (Set sail for Cuyabeno!)”