Carol Ma 馬仔


ENTP Hong Kong Student with broad range of interests, including: photography, traveling, philosophy, sociology, anime, music, astronomy, geography……Extremely lost and couldn’t find the meaning of life. The only solution I can possibly think of, is to sail the world in search of answers.


Sapiens 智人    現代人類所屬的物種名稱 – Homo Sapiens 智人,同時是與我思想相近的一書的名稱,極力推薦

(It comes from our species name – Homo Sapiens, and it’s also the name of an amazing book written by Yuval Noah Harari)

Lost 迷失”    作為一名智人,卻無法從智人社會中普遍的思想、信念中找到共鳴,也無法安於自己在智人社會應有的位置

(Despite being a member of Homo Sapiens, I’m not able to resonate with the mainstream mindsets and beliefs of the Sapiens society, or to feel comfortable with my place in the Sapiens society)

Song to the City Current-2



I want to know how the world is like, what is most important to human after all. Is there any way out of human’s suffering? Given the subjectivity of beliefs and values, what is left to make life meaningful? Having seen the insignificance of individuals, what makes life worth living anymore?

When rationality tells us there is no right or wrong, feelings are left to make decisions.  For me, the greatest desire is to sail the world and search for the answers. Experiences of great philosophers tell us there might not be one. But that’s the only thing possibly meaningful that I can do.


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